Addicted and Unashamed

I am addicted to an i-pad game, and I am unashamed. It’s not your typical Candy Crush (which I finally conquered my addiction of) or Flappy Bird, but I am addicted nonetheless.

I love the game, Secret Society. Let me explain…

photo 2

Basically, you have all of these levels, and you have to investigate each picture to find different objects. Each picture has hidden objects in it, and you have to find the required objects to advance in the game. Here’s a picture of one of the pictures.

photo 1

This picture is called the Mayan Temple. At the bottom of the screen, you see the things I am supposed to find in the picture. In this particular level, the words are scrambled, but in others, they are regular. And, you can see in the picture that there are hidden (and not so hidden) objects to find.

Basically, this game is a virtual issue of Highlights magazine. And, I love it.

So, what’s the verdict? Am I too dorky to be your friend now? I hope not because this game is too good. Go play it!