Desperately Seeking Organization

Our house, technically, has three bedrooms. Our bedroom is a good size, and then, the other two are a little smaller. In the time that we have lived here, we have worked hard to make our main spaces feel comfortable, but the two spare bedrooms have just become catchalls for everything we don’t have a place for. I’m not joking–they are both covered in clutter. It’s so bad that when people come over, I always close the doors, so as not to alarm people with my filth.

But, now that we have no plans to leave this house for years, we can’t keep living like this. So, I am tackling the clutter, once and for all. A couple of posts ago, I shared that I bought a bookshelf at Goodwill–this is the jumping off point for our “office make-over.” Right now, the room is beige and dark, so I want to lighten everything up. Of course, I want it to be an inspiring space, but I don’t really want to spend much money. So, I’ll have to be creative with art and such. Do I just want  to go on Etsy and buy all of the things? Yes, but that’s not feasible. Unless you want to send me copious amounts of Etsy gift cards. That would really help things along!

While browsing Pinterest today, I decided that I want to incorporate some vintage images into the new space. I perused some copyright free images, hoping to find some that I can print off in a large size. Here are the final two that I think I am going to use! Having these in place makes me excited to get the rest of the room started!


Isn’t this picture the coolest? I wish I was this couple! They are adventurous, and they both look so stylish! Where can I get a ride on one of these deals?


This one is pretty awesome as well! Wouldn’t this one look pretty cool as a large print?

I also love vintage moon pictures, so these ones might make an appearance as well!



What do you all think? Which one of these images catches your eye?

I’ll keep you posted if I actually get any other organization done in here! I hope we get some paint on the walls soon.


Unfinished projects

We are knee deep in unfinished projects over here. I am full in project mode, and I can barely sit still because I have project energy coursing through my veins. However, Danny is in beginning of school mode, so he has no energy at all running through his veins. So, we have lots of projects just sitting around our house. They will be great when they are finished, but for now, they are a bummer. But, let’s dream together about what could be, shall we?

Exhibit 1:

photo 3 (10)

This is a grown-up, huge print that I bought when we were in Michigan. It will eventually hang over the fireplace, but for now, it just sits on the floor next to it. Frames are expensive, you know? I just got a Michael’s coupon, so this might be finished up this weekend.

2. Exhibit 2:

photo 2 (11)

Once upon a time, we had some track shelving in our back room. However, this week, it all decided to collapse. So, we are hanging more sturdy shelves. These are the brackets that will hold our shelf in place. Right now, they are lying on the floor, right next to all of the frames and such that were on the shelves. But soon, they will be on the wall. We can only hope.

Exhibit 3:

photo 1 (10)

Finally, I bought this huge bookshelf at the Goodwill, and it is currently waiting a paint job. It’s also waiting to hold all of my chapter books, lovingly handed down by my father. Currently, it’s in the doorway of the office–partially because I want to paint it soon, and partially because I couldn’t get it farther in the door. The floor is currently blocked by all of those aforementioned chapter books.

The mess and chaos is currently closing in on me, but I will bravely continue on. I have dubbed tomorrow “project day,” even though I am working at the library, so, hopefully, some of these will be finished soon! I’ll report back with the details as soon as they occur!

Distraction is the name of the game

These days, I am all about finding ways to distract myself. I am hoping to distract myself from things that are going on in my life, my mind, and my heart. So, I am in constant motion. Mostly, I have been purging things like a maniac, both at home and in my classroom, and have been disparaging about certain rooms in our home.

But, when I am not frantically reading or looking at the humor section on Pinterest, I need some sort of craft project. Sometimes, I spray paint, sometimes I make jewelry, and sometimes, I do some cross stitch.

I started the cross stitch game last year, and it has been a game changer. I like watching a picture unfold while I make little x’s. I have made several cross stitches over my year journey, and the other day, I finally finished one that I started back in January.


I liked working this particular pattern because of the bright colors. The banana almost did me in because it required so much string, and I ran out in the middle. However, I continued, and I am really excited to get this one in a frame. I like remembering Arrested Development every time I see it.

I really like getting my patterns from this shop, Pixy Stitches. I really like this shop because they have funky, pop culture inspired patterns. I like feeling like I can participate in a “granny” craft in a fun, new, modern way.

I found a new shop on etsy that I am going to use for my next project. It’s called Tiny Needle, and I am excited to do the The Wind in the Willows patterns. Danny and I both love that book, so I think it would be fun to have an art piece in our house that celebrates that.

To finish this random post, I have to share a song that I am obsessed with as of late. It’s the new Ray LaMontagne, and I love it. Please do yourself a favor and watch this video. You’ll love it, too.

I’m Back

You might have noticed that I haven’t written in a little while. Last week was a really hard week for both me and Danny, and we had some unexpected things happen to our little family. We’ve taken some time to try to heal and move on, but to be honest, things are really hard around here. And, I am having a hard time finding hope.

But, I have to keep moving forward, and I have to be thankful that school is almost done.

Today, I found a new show called Rehab Addict. No, it’s not a TLC show about people who love to go to rehab. Instead, it’s a DIY Network show about a woman who buys old houses and restores them. It was awesome. But, it made me feel all itchy to do some home renovations. And, it made me wish that I could take a woodworking class.

Once summer starts, I hope to start rearranging and redecorating some things in our little house. I’ve mentioned before that I love looking for fun art for our walls, but I struggle with the cost of buying new art all the time. This week, while reading an old Good Housekeeping magazine, I found a cool website that helps people find cool art on the cheap.

The website is called Free Vintage Posters, and like it’s name implies, it has old posters that you can download for free. Of course, you’ll have to pay a little bit of money to print them out, but that is a pittance compared to the money you would pay for an etsy print.

Here are some prints that I am eying for our house!


I love the orange color on this one, and I love the graphics.

I love the theme of this next one.

And, finally, I like this one.

Go check out this site! And, tell me what you would pick!

I’ll make sure to update you if I actually do print out one of these!