Feeling nostalgic

The other day, Danny and I headed out for a walk. It was chilly, so we both wore sweatshirts, and I know for sure that I was wearing sweatpants. As we headed out the door, I snapped a picture of us holding hands. It looked like this.

photo (7)

Immediately, it reminded me of a picture we took on our first anniversary of dating, back in October of 2008. That one looked like this.


It’s funny how different things were in each of these pictures, even though they are pretty similar to look at. In the picture taken in 2008, Danny and I still had a year left of college, and we didn’t know what the future would hold. We wore nice clothes to go hiking because we still wanted to look cute for one another. I was just an English major, not sure what I wanted to do for a career, and Danny was finishing up his student teaching and wondering if teaching was really what he wanted to do. I was super rich because I had a well-paying part time job and no bills, so I felt like the world was at my disposal.

In the picture I took last week, Danny and I are still unsure of what the future holds. We don’t (well, I don’t) wear nice clothes on walks because I will probably sweat, and what’s the point in dirtying some nice clothes for that business? I am working at a library and making plans for grad school, and Danny is working as an assistant principal and trying to figure out all the ins and outs of that. We still worry about money and wish that there could be more, but I suspect that everyone thinks those thoughts.

And, our relationship is the thing that has changed the most. Back then, we wanted to spend every waking moment together, but I don’t really remember what we used to talk about. I remember feeling like I couldn’t talk about all of my stuff because I didn’t want to scare Danny away. Now, we still want to be around each other all the time, but we share everything–for better or for worse. We’ve seen each other cry, and we’ve seen each other be mad and irrational. But, we still want to spend the rest of our days with each other.

In six years, I hope to snap another picture, just like this. I wonder how things will be different by then?


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