Desperately Seeking Organization

Our house, technically, has three bedrooms. Our bedroom is a good size, and then, the other two are a little smaller. In the time that we have lived here, we have worked hard to make our main spaces feel comfortable, but the two spare bedrooms have just become catchalls for everything we don’t have a place for. I’m not joking–they are both covered in clutter. It’s so bad that when people come over, I always close the doors, so as not to alarm people with my filth.

But, now that we have no plans to leave this house for years, we can’t keep living like this. So, I am tackling the clutter, once and for all. A couple of posts ago, I shared that I bought a bookshelf at Goodwill–this is the jumping off point for our “office make-over.” Right now, the room is beige and dark, so I want to lighten everything up. Of course, I want it to be an inspiring space, but I don’t really want to spend much money. So, I’ll have to be creative with art and such. Do I just want  to go on Etsy and buy all of the things? Yes, but that’s not feasible. Unless you want to send me copious amounts of Etsy gift cards. That would really help things along!

While browsing Pinterest today, I decided that I want to incorporate some vintage images into the new space. I perused some copyright free images, hoping to find some that I can print off in a large size. Here are the final two that I think I am going to use! Having these in place makes me excited to get the rest of the room started!


Isn’t this picture the coolest? I wish I was this couple! They are adventurous, and they both look so stylish! Where can I get a ride on one of these deals?


This one is pretty awesome as well! Wouldn’t this one look pretty cool as a large print?

I also love vintage moon pictures, so these ones might make an appearance as well!



What do you all think? Which one of these images catches your eye?

I’ll keep you posted if I actually get any other organization done in here! I hope we get some paint on the walls soon.


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