Things are really hard around here. For the past three years, Danny and I have worked together. Those years were hard at times, but I, especially, got used to having a lot of time with Danny. Because we spent so much time together on a day to day basis, our time together didn’t have as much pressure. We could spend time on the couch at night, not talking, because we had already talked all day long. But, now that we aren’t spending tons of time together, I am feeling that pressure feeling again. I feel like the time we do spend together needs to be fantastic because we don’t get as much time together. And, the start of the school year is really hard right now–well, actually, all of Danny’s job has been hard. So, we are both tired, and we didn’t get as much done around the house as we wanted to this summer.

This weekend, we did cross one thing off our list: power washing.

photo (6)

We have lots more to do (weird shrubs, I’m looking at you), but it was nice to power wash this weekend.

What are some things you guys are doing to find joy these days? I am in the market for some joyful things these days.


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