5 years

Yesterday, Danny and I celebrated 5 years of marriage.

I feel like the stereotypical thing to say would be, “These years have been the best of my life!” I don’t know if I could really say that–I mean, do you remember what it was like to be 4? You could nap and play all day, and you didn’t have any worries. Those were really good times. But, I can honestly say that these past five years have been good years. They have been full of arguments and growing pains, but those hard times have brought Danny and I closer together. We have struggled with some really hard things, and we both have felt a sense of hopelessness during some of the darker times. But, we have also experienced so many good things and so many joys. Sometimes, it’s so much easier to remember those dark times and just forget about the good, but I can’t deny that we have had some great memories and adventures through our marriage. We’ve traveled to South Carolina, Montana, and Arkansas, and we’ve traveled all over Michigan. We’ve lived in an apartment, a tiny cabin, and a yellow house. We’ve worked in classrooms right next to each other, and we’ve watched so many things on Netflix. Recently, we’ve both gotten new jobs (I’ll tell about my new job as soon as I sign the contract!), and we have made such a big dent in Danny’s student loans. Through it all, we’ve become better friends, and we still like being around each other. I think that’s the best accomplishment of all.

So, to commemorate the day, let’s look at a few old pictures from that sunny day in 2009.


Here I am–now, imagine Danny crying uncontrollably at the sight of me.


Here we are  kissing. Can you tell that I am already starting to get sunburned?


Here is a behind the scenes peek at us getting our picture taken. I like Danny’s face here.


And, finally, here is a candid shot that ended up being our favorite picture from the whole day. Do we look the same, or have we aged a lot in these past few years?

Yesterday, Danny and I agreed that we will need 75 more years of marriage. I can’t wait to see what we look like then!


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