I’m Back

You might have noticed that I haven’t written in a little while. Last week was a really hard week for both me and Danny, and we had some unexpected things happen to our little family. We’ve taken some time to try to heal and move on, but to be honest, things are really hard around here. And, I am having a hard time finding hope.

But, I have to keep moving forward, and I have to be thankful that school is almost done.

Today, I found a new show called Rehab Addict. No, it’s not a TLC show about people who love to go to rehab. Instead, it’s a DIY Network show about a woman who buys old houses and restores them. It was awesome. But, it made me feel all itchy to do some home renovations. And, it made me wish that I could take a woodworking class.

Once summer starts, I hope to start rearranging and redecorating some things in our little house. I’ve mentioned before that I love looking for fun art for our walls, but I struggle with the cost of buying new art all the time. This week, while reading an old Good Housekeeping magazine, I found a cool website that helps people find cool art on the cheap.

The website is called Free Vintage Posters, and like it’s name implies, it has old posters that you can download for free. Of course, you’ll have to pay a little bit of money to print them out, but that is a pittance compared to the money you would pay for an etsy print.

Here are some prints that I am eying for our house!


I love the orange color on this one, and I love the graphics.

I love the theme of this next one.


And, finally, I like this one.


Go check out this site! And, tell me what you would pick!

I’ll make sure to update you if I actually do print out one of these!


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