Weekly Reads 11

I am so distracted these days. I can barely concentrate on a television show, so books are kind of out of the question. I am thinking about jobs, new houses, decorations, and puppies. I’ve also become obsessed with the game 2048, so that is cutting into my life as well.

I did read a book. It’s called Ripper, and it is a young adult book about Jack the Ripper.


That sounded pretty scary, right? I mean, who in their right mind would read a Young Adult book about Jack the Ripper? And, more importantly, who would write a young adult book about Jack the Ripper?

The book really wasn’t as scary as it seems. The book imagines that Jack the Ripper has a young son, and this young son gets drafted into the Pinkerton detective agency. At first, the son doesn’t know who his father is, but as he works with the Pinkertons, he discovers his father’s identity.

It was a little dark, but it was not inappropriate for teens. Some of the descriptions of Jack the Ripper were frightening, but it wasn’t too bad.

Ok, here ends the most boring post I have ever written and the lamest book explanation that has ever been.

I hope I find my concentration and creativity soon. I miss them.


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