Cabin Dreaming

I did plan to write about How I Met Your Mother, but I haven’t cried enough angry tears to do that. Does anyone else feel the same way about the series finale?

The other day, I did a bad thing. It started out innocently, but it ended up blowing up and occupying my thoughts for days. I looked at a real estate website. And, I looked at houses. And, I found the house of my dreams.

As I think I have mentioned, Danny and I rent the house we live in currently. After almost living in an apartment for four years, we have been ecstatic to live in this house. We have spread out, we have organized, and we have practiced being homeowners. It has been wonderful. But, in the past couple of months, I have found myself getting increasingly bored in our home. We don’t own the house, so we don’t have free reign to do anything major, so we are kind of at a stopping point in the house. We have some dreams for the house, but where we stand right now, we can’t accomplish any of our dreams.

There has been some vague talk of us someday buying this house, but I’m not sure if that is a viable possibility. I fear that since this house is really great, it will be on the upper end of our price range, so we won’t be able to do the things we want and make the changes we are itching to make. I kind of feel a little stuck and in a rut over here.

But, I found an amazing house online. It’s an A-frame cabin, not too far from our house right now, right near a big lake. It needs work, but the price keeps dropping, so it seems like, maybe, it could be a project that we could undertake. In my mind, this house is a marvelous place of adventure. It’s a place for us to decorate, try projects, and make mistakes. It’s a place for us to spread our wings and do something new in a place that is solely ours.

I don’t know–this house dreaming is probably not going to go anywhere. But, it’s been fun to have some dreams of adventure the past couple of days. I may have even created a Pinterest board full of cabin ideas.

Do you think this is just an intense case of Spring Fever? I’ll keep you posted if anything actually comes of this.



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