The ABCs of Marriage

A. Always be dancing.

B. Blanket forts make movie nights more fun.

C. Cooking is a team sport.

D. Dogs are not the only one’s who need daily walks. Wives do, too.

E. Explore your hometown as much as you explore outside of town.

F. Feed the animals in your own back yard.

G. Giggle on a daily basis.

H. Hugs. You can never have too many hugs.

I. Ingest no coffee if you hope to be kissed later.

J. Judge not lest your morning hair be crazier than your spouses.

K. Kloostermans make good husbands.

L. Libraries are always good places for dates.

M. Morning breath is a real thing. It happens to us all.

N. Netflix. Enough said.

O.  Organization, both in the house and in the wallet, is necessary.

P. Pancakes solve a multitude of problems.

Q. Quirks keep a marriage entertaining.

R. Read aloud to each other as often as possible.

S. Spray paint fixes many a house flaw.

T. Tickling is the most dangerous weapon in the marriage fight arsenal.

U. Ukeleles are romantic.

V. Volunteer for household chores.

W. Whimsy gets more important with age.

X. Xena Warrior Princess….is the name of a television show….that used to be on television.

Y. Yellow is a happy color. Pepper your house with it.

Z. Zoos are fun places for dates, but beware of mating animals.




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