Joyful Things From the Week

My brain is tired. I am out of words.

I had parent meetings this week at school, and then, I prepared for an accreditation observation for next week. Oh, yeah, and I taught 7 classes a day to mostly freshmen. I am so tired.

So, instead of writing tons and tons, I am just going to share a couple of things that made me feel good this week.

1. I got a new notebook. It’s Lisa Frank. I thought she was the coolest designer in the land when I was in elementary school. I collected all of her stuff, and her colors were so inspiring!



2. I started this book. I am not joyful about it because it is the best book I have read or anything, but two of my students suggested it to me, and they were so excited when they saw me bring it to school.

3. Danny bought me a coloring book. Isn’t that pretty neat?



4. When my parents went to Louisville last weekend, my dad found this board book for me at a used book store. Isn’t that cool that my parents will look for books they know I will like, even when I’m not there?

5. Finally, I bought some neon orange socks at Gap, and they were only $2.00. You know I will be styling when I head to school next week!

I hope you guys found some joy this week as well!



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