My best friend

When I was a senior in high school, I pestered my parents until they broke down and bought me a dog. I’m sure they totally regret that decision, since she lives with them and has lived with them for the past nine years. But, Sookie is the best.



In this photo, she looks to be the size of a rat. But, in reality, she is huge–in personality. She knows more words than any dog I have ever known, and if you even whisper about thinking about going for a “walk” she will freak out and run to the front door. She snuggles me, tries to lick my face if I cry, and tries to bite off Danny’s face if he gets within three feet of me.

Tonight, I am alone at home. Danny is out hanging out with friends, so I am sitting here alone, wishing that I could get a doggie of my own. But, I know, deep down, that I only have room for one dog in my heart at a time. And, for better or worse, Sookie is that dog for me. She needs constant attention, and she tries to lick inside my nose if I sit too close, but she’s the best. I’m glad my parents bought her for me. Even though she is so small, she has made my life more bright and fun.


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