Valentine’s Day

When Danny and I were first dating, we didn’t celebrate corny holidays like Valentine’s Day. He was too cool for things like that. But, if my memory serves me (and, of course it does, because I am like an elephant–nothing escapes my old noggin), I did send Danny a My Little Pony Valentine when we were just friends. I was a pretty classy lady.

I think I made him a huge card on our first Valentine’s Day full of silly pick up lines and such. Of course, we weren’t celebrating–the card was just a joke. Except for me, it wasn’t. I always wanted to have a Valentine when I was in high school, so when I finally got one, I really wanted to celebrate, even if that was dorky.

And, now that we are married, I can celebrate Valentine’s Day however I please. For the past two years, that has meant that I print off free pop culture Valentines from the internet and bombard Danny with them. It’s great. I can’t really explain how much I like this funny little tradition. I have already given Danny four Valentines, I think. I am unstoppable.

Here is one he found in our special note mailbox last night.


I know you know this already, but Danny loves NPR…and puns. So, this is perfect.

Danny has another Valentine waiting for him, but he hasn’t checked the mailbox. I wonder how long it will take him to notice this next one?


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