The week in wins and losses…


1. I scratched my eyebrow while teaching, and a blizzard of dry skin flew off my person.
2. The staff bathroom at work is broken, so I have had to awkwardly make eye contact with students as I head into a stall. Sharing a bathroom space with students has done wonders for my stomach issues, let me tell you.
3. We had to wait in our house for hours, waiting for a plumber to come and fix our sink.
4. My dad came to talk to my class, and he was instantly more revered than I ever will be.


1. I went in a bathroom, and there was video footage of a cardinal in the mirror.
2. Sherlock started again yesterday. So good, and I am reobsessed.
3. Danny and I got some trophies at a thrift store, and we are going to spray paint them and turn them into bookends.
4. I went to a stationary store this week and overdosed on beautiful cards.
5. Finally, I made it through the week and am now one week closer to spring break!


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