For J-term, I have been teaching a children’s literature class. It is my dream curriculum, but I haven’t been having a perfect time. I have an interesting mix of students, most of whom I have no idea why they signed up for the class. There have been some grumbles, and they have been hard to take since the curriculum means so incredibly much to me.

I don’t like to share myself with others. I don’t mind sharing funny stories about my youth, or I don’t mind sharing funny facts and figures. But, it’s really hard to share important things. It’s hard to share things that fill me with hope or things that overwhelm me with anxiety. It’s even hard to share some books with other people because they speak so much to who I am, deep down inside.

I can’t really explain my connection to things like art, music or books. I have definite likes and dislikes, but I can’t really articulate those things. All I know is that the book The Mighty Lalouche (pictured above) speaks to me. Those illustrations are dreamy and really appeal to me.

And, Flora and the Flamingo is beautiful, too. You should read them both.

I need to go finish some laundry. Maybe Danny will read to me when I am done.


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