As I have told you many times, Danny and I have a deep love for several television shows. We’ve loved Pushing Daisies, The West Wing, Castle, Bones, Parks and Rec, and countless others. We are obsessed.

For a while, I felt really guilty about my love of television shows. I mean, I was an English major, you know. I am a well-read person, and I have spent the majority of my life in one academic scenario or another, so it seems weird that I would spend so much time and emotional energy on silly television shows.

But, I’ve come to realize that I come to television, not to pollute my mind with nonsense and propoganda, but to continue my love affair with stories. I am obsessed with stories in every medium in which they come. I love to hear the stories of people I know and people I don’t know. My love for stories runs deep, and I think it has shaped the person I am becoming.

Television is like life in some ways. I mean, we are all living our stories on a daily basis. But, on television shows, it’s often easy to see when a character is about to make a bad decision, or it’s easy to see what a character should be doing. How many times have I growled in frustration watching Ross and Rachel bumble about each other when I know they should be together? How many times have I wanted to grab Frasier Crane around the neck and tell him to stop being so short-sighted? Those kinds of scenarios happen more often than I can count.

But, real life isn’t so easy to decipher. Even though I can counsel any television character I encounter, I cannot figure out my own story. Sometimes, I feel like I am in a dark room and am groping wildly for a way out. It’s really frustrating.

That kind of frustration and confusion and not-knowing is what makes a good story, though, right? I didn’t invest over ten years of my life, reading and waiting for new installments of the Harry Potter series just to see Harry run through a field of daisies and buy new clothes at the mall. The Diary of Anne Frank would not have changed the world so incredibly as it did if it were set in a suburban neighborhood.

Right now, as I work through my story, trying to see how all of my experiences are going to point towards some kind of resolution, I will continue to watch my stories and learn from all of the mishaps of my favorite characters.


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