When I was in eighth grade, I planned the perfect wedding. I was the bride, obviously, and Justin Timberlake was the groom. He sang his vows to me, and we lived happily ever after. 

As you know, I didn’t end up marrying Justin Timberlake. But, thirteen years after that dream, I did see Justin in person. And, it was amazing. 

The whole concert was nuts, and I really can’t believe that I went. Two of my students got me a ticket, and we sat really close to the stage. And, I danced so much that my knees practically exploded. 

He sang all of my favorites—Lovestoned, Tunnel Vision, Cry Me a River, TKO. It was like he researched all of my favorite jams and played them just for me. That’s plausible, right? 

The only downer to the concert was the fact that the concert poster was super lame. I am going to try to find something better online. 

Until then, I have some great videos and pictures to look through, and I still have some lingering knee pain. 

Thanks, Justin, for a great concert. You really did your fake wife proud. 


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