So, yesterday, I got a late birthday present. In case you can’t tell, this print is perfect for me—those characters are dead ringers for me and Dan. I already have the print in a frame and am eagerly anticipating project Saturday, so I can get it hung up. 

Life has been weird lately. I am constantly stressed out, and I feel panicked all the time. But, in the midst of all of that, I have found some great joy. Danny has been so supportive and loving, even when I am crying and out of control. Students have been really encouraging (I mean, see the above picture for proof), and I have become addicted to Candy Crush. 

I am waiting to feel normal again. Tonight was a start—I finally want to do some more house projects. I am kind of obsessed with making our house feel more light—the kitchen is really dark and drab. I really want to retile our backsplash, but because we rent, I don’t know if we should really take on a project like that. I think it would be totally worth it, though. 

Anyway, only one more day until the long weekend. I think I can make it. 


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