The after

It’s scary to post pictures of your house online, you know? I always think that our house looks really funny when I see pictures of it—probably because I am not a good photographer. 

My lack of photography skills is something that makes me really sad sometimes. I should really take a class. 

Anyway, I finally took some pictures of our room. 

Here is what our door looks like. 


I got that card for Danny for our anniversary. It’s from the shop, Recipe for Crazy

Then, once you get inside the door, you will see our  dresser and engineer print from Montana. 


You will notice, perhaps, that our wall is no longer yellow/beige. Instead, it is a really soft, calming gray. The paint color really changes the entire room. 

Then, we have another dresser that used to have a huge, huge mirror attached. 


I took off the mirror (and stowed it safely away) just because it was way overwhelming for the room. Instead, we hung a little mirror that my dad salvaged from his old school and a window pane from my parents’ next door neighbor. On the window, I hung up some postcards from our Michigan travels. 

Then, you can see the window and our shelf of happy art. 


We went with simple white curtains to keep everything feeling light. It’s amazing to have light shining through the windows since we didn’t have any light before. 

Here is a close up of our shelf. It was hanging in the room before, but I painted it and the frame

that is beneath it.


Then, we have Danny’s side of the bed. The print of the bear and mandolin is from my favorite shop, The Black Apple. The boys sign is from Danny’s camp Bear Lake Bible Camp. I guess they got new signs and gave these old ones to Danny one summer. 

Here is my side of the bed. The print is from Jordan Grace Owens. I got this print and the one by Danny’s bed with an etsy birthday gift card! Isn’t that great!

Then, here is just a shot of the bed. I think this picture looks a little crowded, but it doesn’t feel that way in real life. 

That is the end of my room tour. I hope you all enjoyed, and I hope you check out the etsy links I included! 

I like looking back over these pictures and thinking about where all the things came from. Most things were found for free or from Goodwill. I bought our bedspread last year after cashing out all of my coins that I had collected for two years! We made our engineer print, and, as I mentioned before, much of the art was purchased with the help of an etsy gift card! I think that’s great. 

Danny and I still have a few more things to hang on the long blank wall I didn’t show. It’s mostly stuff that was hanging before, but I painted all of the frames white. 

Ok, now I think I am done talking. Thanks for looking around!


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