Today, Danny climbed a tree. He was up pretty high, and I got nervous because I want him to be safe. 

Danny was enjoying his time in the tree, and he tried to explore, but I ruined it all. He was feeling whimsical, but I shouted up things like “Remember medical bills,” or, “Do you want to teach with broken arms?” I stole his joy a bit today. 

Isn’t it weird how life is like that sometimes? You think you are doing the right thing, but then, you just take away joy from someone else? 

I think I might be Debbie Downer. Every time Danny laughs at a joke, I immediately remind him statistics about feline AIDS. 

Ok, not really, but I’m not always so close to my whimsical side. Unless Danny plays Barry Manilow—then, I am all whimsy. 

The end. 


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