My happy place

Remember how I said that sometimes, when I am really stressed out, I disappear inside my head and think about decorating and redecorating? Instead of going to a beach (I might sunburn) or some other tropical locale, I go here. 

This is the lovely home of Ashley Ann Campbell (Under the Sycamore), and the picture was found on another one of my favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess. 
Everything about this picture makes me swoon. The family photos displayed prominently, the paperback book holder full of more photos, the couch filled with pillows, the antiques, and the theatre seats. Oh, the theatre seats. In my dreams, I have a set of theatre seats for my very own. 
But, sadly, theatre seats are hard to come by. So, until then, I just have this dream space. 
If that rant didn’t make me too much of a nerd, this next part certainly will. When I played basketball when I was a freshman in high school, I did something to my back. I pulled a muscle or ripped a muscle—no one was sure. Since then, I have a yearly episode where my back seizes and I walk around like a loser. 
Today was one of those episodes. I don’t know what happened, but my back was a mess. So, I waddled down the hallway, clutching my back. I’m sure the sight of my doing that did nothing to squash pregnancy rumors among the students. Seriously, the paparazzi have nothing on a group of high schoolers. I am constantly asked when I am going to reproduce. It can be a little overwhelming. 
Hence the happy place for escape. 
Now, I must sit on the couch and rest my aching back. Wish me luck. 

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