I think I have become addicted to cross-stitch. It’s just so relaxing. There’s all this counting and focusing—I can barely think about anything else while I stitch. And, frankly, that is a blessing. 

Lately, I have re-discovered that I hold all of my stress in my shoulders. I find myself continually pushing down my shoulders because they tend to rest right below my ears. It’s a little silly. Tonight, my shoulders were actually burning because they are so tight. 

I feel like I should go to the mall and get a massage. But, I fear that I will be like that one episode of Modern Family in which Claire gets a massage and moans the whole time. Or, I fear like I will have an encounter with a massager like Monica on Friends. You remember—Monica gave really bad, painful massages.

Really, though, I am just afraid to be touched, especially by strangers. You can thank my grandma for that phobia. She once told me that I was a pretty little girl and there would be lots of men who would want to steal me. So, when I go in public, I fear being stolen every time I am touched. 

Maybe I can convince Dan to give me a shoulder rub? 


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