Dear Danny,

Remember how we visited this antique store this weekend and you got lost? And then, when I finally found you, you were living out a children’s book fantasy and devising ways to climb up to the roof? Instead of apologizing for running away, you looked at me with a crazed look in your eyes and said that you found a hidden staircase that was surrounded by coffins. 

Remember how I was doing Six Week Six Pack this evening, and I was practically mooing  like a cow because I was in so much pain, and you yelled from the other room, “Get it! You’re a champion!”

Remember how you always pat Sookie’s head so hard that her skin moves back and the whites of her eye show? 

Remember how you keep sleeping with hoods pulled over your head because your nose keeps getting cold? 

Remember how we first went on a date over six years ago, and we were really awkward? 

I remember all of those things. And, they make me really glad to be with you. 

You’re the bee’s knees. 


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