Yesterday, I was inspired by things I saw online—you know, art, cards, Etsy, etc. So, I decided to draw a little flirtatious picture for Danny. I used his favorite animal, the arctic puffin, and I used a line from a Robert Frost poem that he really likes. I am officially the biggest nerd in the land. 

One time, Danny and I went on an epic hike through the woods, and when we got to a clearing, Danny dropped to the ground and looked up at the sky. I sat down, too, and then, Danny pulled out a poetry book from his backpack and read me the Robert Frost poem, “Line Storm Song.” The main line of the poem is, “Come far and away with me and be my love in the rain.” I remember being really nervous when he read that to me, but also, I remember feeling like it was the most romantic thing that would ever happen to me. It still ranks up there in romantic moments, so when I can fit that quote on to something, like a card or a drawing, I feel all warm and glowy inside. 

Enough with the sentimental silliness. I cut off all of my hair today, and I feel fine! I can’t stop touching my hair. I am basically a Pantene commercial over here, constantly flipping my hair around and telling Danny to touch it. 

How’s that for an exciting Friday night? 


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