After painting frames until I was sick at the sight of my paintbrush, I finally finished getting things ready for our bedroom gallery wall. Sorry it didn’t photograph very nicely. There is a window opposite this wall, so it kind of blurred out all of the pictures. I promise to take a picture with my actual camera soon to show you the real deal. 

I can’t really explain how happy this wall makes me. I love having pictures all around, especially ones that are special. 

You guys already know about the cross stitch in the middle. All of the little gray frames with black and white landscapes are vintage postcards that I picked up at an antique show before Danny’s birthday. Then, I gave them to Danny for his adventure/travel theme week of birthday presents. The wooden plaque thing was one of the pieces we bought when we lived in Arkansas. We proudly hung it on the wall of our cramped little cabin, and it made things feel a little more cozy. The print with the man and woman was a Christmas gift from Danny, and the text art was a project that I made last summer. 

But, the best part of the whole wall is the green heart in the middle. This past summer, Danny took me on a grand kayaking adventure. He made it a scavenger hunt, so while we were kayaking, I kept finding little hidden cards and presents. And then, near the end, we kayaked up to a bridge, and hanging across the bridge was a banner that read, “I love (the heart) Showcase.” Showcase was Danny’s nickname for me in college. Danny had spray painted out the letters and the heart and strung them across the bridge. So, when we took it down, we saved the heart, knowing that it would be a special memory. And, it definitely is. I feel loved and taken care of every time I see it. 

Now, if only I could find some curtains—then our bedroom would be completely finished. Do you know how hard it is to find really cheap curtains? It’s hard. 

Thus ends the bedroom art tour for this evening. Thanks for reading. 


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