This weekend, I finally got this cross-stitch from my mom. I have been waiting on this for a year, at least. Can you believe she made it? I can’t. I can’t imagine crossing all of those little x’s and following the intricate pattern. It is just crazy. I can’t wait to hang it up in our bedroom. 

I am doubly excited about this cross-stitch because it was made just for me. I make crazy art projects all the time, and I am always passing them off on Danny or my parents, but I rarely get handmade projects in return. So, this is extra fun. 

It’s weird—before I started writing this post, I was feeling pretty witty and hilarious. But, now that I am actually writing, I feel bland and boring. Nothing exciting is coming to my mind right now. Could I just be feeling inadequate while staring at the picture of my mom’s art? Who knows. 

I guess I will just save my words and try again tomorrow. Maybe I will find a funny story to share by the time I write again!


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