I finally have a pet!

If you have read my blog for a while, you remember that Danny and I used to have a little squirrel that lived in the tree outside of our apartment. I named him Reggie, and he lived in our tree faithfully. We threw him Cheerios in the winter, and we (ok, I ) talked to him when he was sunning himself on a branch. 

Sadly, Reggie left the tree. I choose to believe that he left to go live in a new tree. 

In any case, I was left without a furry companion. Until now. 

Meet Wendall. 

Yes, did we throw him a whole piece of bread? Guilty. But, he looked so needy!

I am in love with him already. He looks so fluffy and soft. I think I should probably try to  bring him in and train him to sit on my shoulder. 

Before I go, I must confess that Danny took both of these photos. I think he is trying out to be a photographer at National Geographic. Do you think he could do it? 


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