Friends, I have survived. On Wednesday, I contracted a bout of the plague, but after days of living on my death bed, I have survived. 

Seriously, I prayed continuously on Wednesday, praying that I would not throw up on the floor in front of my students. I don’t think I could have come back from that. 

But, I survived. And, I kept my dignity intact while with my classes. 

So, then, for the past few days, I have done absolutely nothing. I have watched movies, read books, and slept on the couch. And, on Friday, Danny and I made a blanket fort under the kitchen table, just to keep things interesting while I was infirm. 

Now I am back, however, and ready to face a new week. I’m hoping I can get caught up again and back to my normal schedule. Let’s hope I don’t catch any more germs at school!


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