It was your birthday

Dear Danny, 

Yesterday, it was your birthday. And, we celebrated your birth by eating ribs. You’re welcome. 

But, I thought that I should publicly declare some things about you, just to let you know that I appreciate you. 

1. You let me borrow your clothes. Thanks for lending me comfy sweatshirts and flannel button downs. Those clothes always make me feel extra warm. 

2. You always smell really nice—even when you have just come from a run, you still smell fresh and clean. How do you do that? When I am finished running, I always smell like sweaty feet. What is your secret? 

3. You have the best laugh, and you are very uninhibited with said laugh. Your laugh is so full of joy and is infectious. Thanks for always laughing-especially at my jokes. 

4. Thanks for keeping your beard brushed and shampooed. You really have the most friendly-looking beard I have ever known. 

5. Finally, you make the best breakfasts. Thanks for waking me up every single morning and making me delicious things to eat. You make getting out of bed possible, every singe day. 


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