Does anyone else ever get home from work and feel like they have used up all of their words? I do. I consistently get home from school and feel like I cannot talk to another person. Unfortunately, that makes interacting with my spouse kind of tough. It’s especially tough since we both work at the same place, so when we leave school, we don’t want to talk about school, but we really don’t have tons of non-school things going on. So, sometimes, that requires us to be creative with the time we spend with each other. 

Tonight, we downloaded the app Ruzzle and challenged each other to many, many head to head matches. It was epic. There may or may not have been trash talk involved. 

It was really fun, actually, and it was a great way to unwind after a somewhat stressful day at school. 

We are both weary. But, I think we can make it through the week—then, we get to celebrate Danny’s birthday! That’s something to look forward to! 


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