Here’s a little encouragement card from my Dan. It’s a much needed card since today, we got a heating bill that was terrifying. It was much for high, in my opinion, for all of the freezing I have done over the past month. Seriously—if I am going to pay so much money for heat, I might as well sweat a little, not wear twelve sweatshirts and still shiver. It’s a racket, I tell you. 

Sometimes, Danny tells me that I am his foxy lady, hence the fox on the card. Isn’t that hysterical? I can’t even fathom the fact that a boy tells me that I am a foxy lady—aren’t I still the girl who didn’t have a date to prom? 

Anyway, can I just share with you that I have been reading some great graphic novels lately? I just read one called, City of Spies, and it was fantastic. When I read graphic novels, I like to pretend like I am a child in the 40’s and 50’s, spending my dimes at the drugstore, bringing home the latest Captain America. And, that feeling was appropriate because this graphic novel took place during WWII. 

Does anyone have any good suggestions for new graphic novels to read? I would be really interested in hearing any new titles!


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