Today was an awesome day. First, we had a scone filled breakfast for my mom (refer to last post for photos), and they were delicious. Actually, they were so delicious, I was shocked that I actually made them. Friends, I may have a gift for scone making. 

And then, I went to Half Price Books, and found those cool books! I started the Ginny Gordon book, and it is hilarious. She is part of a group called “The Hustlers.” I mean, really. 

Now, I am watching Pushing Daisies and pretending that if I don’t go to sleep, time will stand still and it will stay this day forever. Do you think it will work? 

P.S. Danny and I went on our first date six years ago today. I really can’t believe that it has been that many years. It seems like we just met each other yesterday—I am thankful for that first date and for all the dates that followed!


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