A very hipster craft

I don’t know if you guys know this, but animal heads are very trendy at the moment. Every single blog that I read these days seems to contain at least one pair of antlers. People have cardboard animal heads, antlers holding necklaces, and I’ve even seen some antlers on sweaters. 

And, you guys know that I am nothing if not trendy. Actually, trendy is my middle name. 

So, I decided to create a little bathroom art and create my own trendy animal art. I knew that I could not hang actual antlers in my house—that would be frightening, and I’m not about dead animal decorations. But, I like the look of animal head silhouettes, so I used that as my starting off point. 

I bought three wooden plaques from Hobby Lobby, drew some silhouettes on there, and then just painted, really carefully. 

So, I brought some much needed color and personality into the bathroom for like $8.00. That’s pretty good. And, now a buffalo head can greet me when I brush my hair in the morning. That’s sure to put a smile on my face. 


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