This is our reading nook. Can you even believe that Danny and I have a reading nook? That is shocking. All that’s missing to this little corner is a reading lamp. We’ve set aside a little money, so I think lamp shopping is in order this week. 

I have been feeling all out of sorts for the past little bit. It all started when I looked through some old stories and tests I took in college. It brought up a bunch of old feelings and worries, and it made me feel as if my future is not going to shape out the way I always hoped. I don’t know what I hoped for, exactly, but I know I hoped to feel successful and fulfilled. And, in my darkest times, I fear that I won’t ever feel those things. 

I think it’s hard to read blogs. It’s hard because I feel like I see lots and lots of people who are living their dreams. And, when explaining about the fact that their blog led to a book deal or successful ad venture, they just say that they just worked hard and all the pieces fell into place. I don’t buy that. That doesn’t seem like the whole story, and it makes me feel as if everyone has it all together except for me. 

At least, I have a reading corner. That’s a step in the right direction. 


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