I am incredibly thankful today. First, I am thankful that is Friday, and I get to practice sleeping again. I think I forgot how to sleep at the end of this week—I would lay down and close my eyes, but they always seemed to pop open again. Silly eyes. 

I am also thankful for these flowers sunning in the late afternoon sun. These flowers showed up after Danny grocery shopped alone—that seems to happen a lot. I would never buy flowers, but once Danny brings them home, I can’t stop staring on them and checking on them. I’m glad that he cares about little things and helps me care about them, too. 

I am really thankful for the bright sunlight streaming over these flowers. In our apartment, we got very little natural light. That’s what you get for living on the second floor with a huge, leafy tree right outside the window. So, in the house, I am obsessed with all of our light, always curling up on the floor like a lazy cat. 

I’ve found that I am really enjoying looking for things to be thankful for every day-it’s a great exercise so far!


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