Fantasy World

Sometimes, I live in a complete fantasy world. I have dreams of starring on a special season of Dancing with the Stars,  I have dreams of becoming an artisan and making millions of dollars, and I dream of suddenly waking up and looking like a J Crew ad. 

This weekend, I had a dream—a dream that started when I innocently entered into a toy store. 

So, Danny and I did some Christmas shopping this past weekend, and while we were out, we decided to go in a toy store. We both like toys, and we like picturing what our future children could someday play with. When we walked into the store, I immediately gravitated towards the Melissa and Doug line—they sell lots of wooden toys, and that fits well with my Laura Ingalls Wilder aesthetic. I was looking around at all of the wooden puzzles and the wooden trains when I spotted it. The toy of my dreams. 

I found a castle

This castle. 

I picked it up to show it to Danny, and then, I uttered the words that would change my life forever (ok, not really. I’m just feeling dramatic).

But, I did say, “Hey, that’s just like the castle in “The Castle in the Attic.”

Have you guys read that story? I read it in fourth grade, and I immediately became obsessed. 

It’s this really cool story about a little boy who has this castle in the attic and there is a real knight—you can picture the rest. It’s awesome. 

As soon as I connected that book with that castle, I immediately flew into a fantasy world where I could present my future child with the castle and the book, and they would immediately ask me to read and play with him/her. My child would be dressed in cute baby hipster clothes, and I would be really calm and serene because I was sharing the joy of reading with my child. Seriously—I have thought about this at least 50 times since Saturday afternoon. 

Am I the only one who thinks weird things like this? Please tell me I can’t be alone. 

It’s a nice dream, though. I kind of hope it comes true!


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