I am completely spent. I am having trouble talking, I am insanely grouchy, and I just feel out of sorts. 

Danny shares my feelings. We are just a couple of exhausted teachers, holding on desperately until Christmas break. 

To combat the blahs, I took a little time to do a few sun salutations—I swear-they made me feel better! And, I read a little graphic novel. It was really cute. I liked the illustrations, and I am interested in reading the rest in the same series. 

I also have been twirling around on this hilarious exercise machine that we found in a closet here. It is great. I just twirl and twirl. I kind of feel like a little kid at recess. It’s awesome. 

I think we should hand these out at school—it would help the kids move around while listening. Sounds like a plan. 


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