It looks a little like Christmas.

I have to be honest. The other night, I had a school nightmare. It was awful. I was getting observed, but I didn’t show up to class for over 20 minutes. Then, I invited all of the kids over to my house, but they kept getting lost or causing trouble. I think a student even tackled me. Having this dream has made me even less inclined to go back to school tomorrow. I am trying to stay relaxed, but I am having a hard time—I know that I will have to wake up tomorrow and begin the grind again. 

But, the little touches of Christmas in my house are making me feel a little more joyful. 

Christmas ornaments in glass bowls. 

A tree topper purchased at the antique store. 

And, finally, a nicely decorated tree. 

I can’t wait until there are presents all under the tree. I love presents. 

I guess I should go do something fun—it will be my last chance for the next three weeks!


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