Reindeer are legit.

Last night, I attended a lighting of a Christmas tree. 

The highlight of the evening happened, not around the Christmas tree, but around the reindeer pen. Yes, that’s right, this event included live reindeer. Here’s a visual. 

So, I was hanging out with the reindeer, trying to figure out why one of them was shaking uncontrollably when I noticed a college-age couple approach the pen. The girl said to her date, “What are those?” 

Of course, he said, “Reindeer.” 

She said, “But reindeer aren’t real. Are these just deer with antlers glued on?”

He looked at her excitedly, knowing that he was about to drop some knowledge on her. He said, “Reindeer are real. They just can’t fly. But, these reindeer are legit.”

“Ohh, that’s cool,” she said. 

Yes, I did hear that conversation. And, no, the couple was not in elementary school. They were definitely old enough to know that reindeer were real animals. 

How silly people are. 


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