Yesterday, Danny bought be a new app. It’s called Vintique, and it is kind of like Instagram. It makes really cool pictures. I tried my first picture last night, and I really like it. 

I have been pretty stressed  lately. I just feel like I am behind on sleep, my neck and shoulders are filled with knots, and my head is constantly pounding. I am just too filled with stress. 

And, when I am filled with stress, I completely forget to take time to do fun, joyful things. So, last night, I took a little time to read some Calvin and Hobbes. I love Calvin and Hobbes. 

Today, I had a pretty awkward encounter that brought be lots of joy. I was in the bathroom at Panera when I realized that my stall didn’t have any toilet paper. I sat awkwardly for a few minutes, debating what I should do and gathering my courage. I called out to the woman in the next stall, “This is really awkward, but I don’t have any toilet paper. Could you pass some to me?” 

Without missing a beat, she said, “Have you ever seen that Seinfeld episode ‘Can you spare me a square?’” 

I giggled, and I think we bonded. She made my awkward encounter a lot less awkward. 

I don’t know about you guys, but I am definitely getting ready for Christmas! It’s hard for me to focus—all I want to do is watch Christmas cartoons and wrap presents! Oh, I hope I make it through school tomorrow!


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