Decorated Bits.

This week has been a blur. I feel like school has consumed every piece of me—I have the shoulder stress knots to prove it. However, I have found a few minutes here and there to move and situate some things in our house. 

House progress isn’t moving as quickly as I assumed. I am a quick moving person, and I like to finish things at a break-neck speed. But, working on the house has been slow. It’s forcing me to be patient. I don’t like being patient. 

Here are some things in the house that are finished and are making me smile. 

My long-awaited built in!

A collection of type letters, kept in one place. 

A gift from a friend mixed with vacation and antique store finds. 

A new Ikea rug. 

New owl knobs from Danny’s family

And finally, a street fair buy has finally found a home. 


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