Goodbye apartment

We move on Saturday. Can you even believe it? I feel like I have wanted to move for a long time, but now that I am just days away, I am feeling like I don’t want to move after all. I know that is just the overwhelmingness of the task of moving that is talking, but I still feel super nostalgic about our apartment right now. We made so many memories here, you know? 

Ok, enough weeping—now it’s time for pictures of our apartment! I wanted to take some pictures in our space, hoping that some of the personality we infused here will lead over into our new place. 

And, please, if you think our apartment is ugly, don’t tell me. In my mind, it’s a magical space. 

Here is our cramped office side of the living room. We don’t really do a lot at the desk, but it’s nice to have. Do you see the globe on the desk? That was the first present that Danny gave me when we started dating—he made a globe bank, hoping that I would save up money to travel. He’s so silly. The other thing of note is the blue cabinet. It was a kitchen cabinet that my dad and I re-vamped. We keep all of our books in there—it’s a tight squeeze, but they mostly fit. 

Ok, past the cabinet, you can see our little hallway that leads from the front door. The green doorknob thing on the wall in the background is right next to our front door. The closet door and doorway in the background leads to the bathroom and our bedroom. 

Alright, if you turn a little more to the right, you will encounter or couch and frame wall. I don’t know why our couch seems so lumpy and wrinkly. It doesn’t look like that in person. Now you know my secret—I don’t fluff my couch cushions. Please don’t judge me. 

Continuing around, you will glimpse our window wall. 

Please excuse my random craft paint plate on the floor. I’m not sure why I didn’t move that before taking the picture. Let’s blame it on stress from parent teacher conferences. Through the windows, you can see our tree, Lola. She’s been good for entertainment—squirrels like to chase each other through her branches—but she is awful for letting light in our apartment. The chair in the front is cool because we got it for cheap at a garage sale. Best sale ever. 

Lastly, here is our television area. It sits right between our window wall and our desk wall. I painted the masterpiece on the wall—you can be jealous. 

Finally, here is a shot of the whole room if you come in from the front door. 

It’s a little crowded, a little cluttered, but it’s home. 

Thanks for letting me be all nostalgic about this place. We have enjoyed being here, but I can’t wait to live somewhere new!


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