Fall Festivities

This weekend has been a continual celebration of fall. I ate chili, watched cider being made, attended a festival, and snuggled in a blanket. And, I have sat with a huge heating pad on my back and shoulders all weekend, but, sadly, I am still hurting and my head is aching. But, I am managing. 

My weekend started off wonderfully, and it really made me feel festive. On Friday, when Danny and I were on the way home from school, we drove past a sign that said, “Huge Vintage Sale!” We followed the sign and stumbled upon a really cute barn sale. It appeared to be run by a group of middle aged women, and they were all really cute, wearing matching aprons. 

Since it was Friday, I took the opportunity to create my own motivation present, instead of relying on the slip I picked out of my jar. Here’s what I picked. 

This is my $6 blue ornate mirror. It makes me smile. 

And, to top off the amazingness of the weekend, I got some Nancy Drew books at a library sale. It just pushed me over the edge in terms of fall joy. 

I’m off to heat my heating pad and do a little planning for tomorrow. I bet you’re jealous. 


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