Working at being relaxed

I am really bad at relaxing. I am practically incapable of doing it. I think and think and think all the time. As a consequence, my neck muscles are filled with knots, and my shoulders feel like boulders. They are so tight and lumpy. 

You know who’s great at relaxing? My girl, Sookie. 

She’s always going in the yard and finding sunny spots to recline in. Her life is so wonderful. I think I could learn a little bit from her—I need to take time just to sit and enjoy the scenery. 

Tonight, I plan to get school out of my head, for my own sake and for the sake of my marriage. We need a break from the constant talk of school. 

Right now, we are watching a James Bond. Thanks, NPR, for talking about the James Bond 50th anniversary all week. You put Bond in our heads, and we just had to watch one. 

And, I am currently reading a guilty pleasure book—a cheesy, silly, fluffy mystery book. It’s great. It really helps me unwind. 

Tomorrow, I am going to a festival and enjoying fall. Should be wonderful!


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