Not cool enough for school

There’s this one woman in my Zumba class who seems, to me, to be impossibly cool. She is a super good dancer, she seems really confident, and whenever I see her doing the moves, it always seems like she is adding her own unique, cool spin. I am desperately jealous of her and her coolness. She even makes cool Zumba noises-if I ever try to make a “whoop” or something, I sound like a deflating balloon. 

I am not cool. I try to be cool all the time, and sometimes, I may fool my students, but all in all, I would have to say that I am not a cool person. Here’s my proof. 

1. The other day, when I was trying to get into the shower, I knocked my toe, started yelling, and fell down. My toe is purple on the end, and it still hurts in my shoes. Purple toes cannot be cool. 

2. On Sunday, while walking into my parents’ living room, I hit my toes on a chair that has been in the same place for twenty years. Again, I started screaming and fell down. But, this time, I fell down on carpet, so that was a little better than the inside of my tub. 

3. Yesterday, while taking down my hair, I did a couple of little dance moves. While dancing and moving towards the bathroom to deposit my hair tie, I knocked my elbow into the door frame. Cue the screaming and falling down. My elbow still hurts. 

See? I can’t be cool. I just don’t have it in me. 

But, what I lack in coolness, I make up for it in enthusiasm. Even though I am always knocking my extremities on furniture and walls, I still keep dancing around. That makes me either joyful or ridiculous—-you decide. 


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