Weekend projects

Friends, I am getting incredibly antsy to move. It’s getting pretty intense. 

I just read the newest issue of HGTV magazine, I ordered some of Nate Berkus’s books from the library, and I can’t stop looking at design blogs. I think I might have a sickness. 

But, we won’t be moving for another month, so I still have a lot of waiting to do. I need to stay focused on school and those types of things. 

To take my mind of things today, I decided to make a little crafty. From my motivation jar, I drew another Sublime Stitching pattern. This time, the pattern is from one of my favorite etsy artists, The Black Apple. The pattern has tons of different things to stitch, but I started small and finished this all today!

Please pardon my hoop marks and the funny i-pad picture. Isn’t it cute? I like how imperfect the pattern is. Not everything is symmetrical, and I like that. It looks homemade, not like something I bought at Target. 

I also started making a wreath, but I’m not finished with that, so I won’t show you. 

Well, it’s almost time for another week to start—I better rest, so I will be pleasant for the children tomorrow. 


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