An open letter

To Justin Timberlake: 

The other day, while we were driving to school, my husband and I listened to my playlist entitled, “Happy Remix.” Several of your songs are featured on this playlist, and while I was singing, my husband interrupted me and said, “I bet Justin Timberlake won’t make another album.”

After I punched him in the face, I said, “You have to be kidding me. He has to make another album. I can’t stand thinking about life without a new Justin album!”

A debate ensued, as you can imagine. I argue that now is the time for you to come out with an album. Both Usher and Justin Beiber think they are the greatest in pop music. Justin Beiber has been especially obnoxious when talking about his new stuff. I think the time has come for you to blow up the charts again, just to show them who’s boss. 

I miss you, Justin. You’ve been part of my musical life since I bought that NSYNC album in seventh grade. Please don’t tell me that I have made all of my Justin Timberlake music memories! Please give me something new to jam to! Please give me some pop music that has more than 5 words in the chorus. Please give me a pop song I haven’t heard before! Please, I beg you!

I miss your musical point of view, Justin. It’s time—time for a new album. 

Thanks for your consideration. 


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