Like animals

The other day, Danny and I were talking about what kind of animal we are most like. We decided, after much deliberation, that I am most like a cat, and Danny is most like a bear. Here’s the proof. 


1. Danny is hairy all over. 

2. He has squinty eyes. 

3. He hates to be awakened, and when he is, he swipes and growls. 

4. Danny loves to eat berries, fish, and honey. 

5. He takes naps all the time. 

6. He loves to play outside, especially in the forest and by water. 

7. Finally, he is very protective of those he loves. 


1. I am sleek and graceful like a puma. 

2. I love tuna—like a lot. 

3. I am easily amused by small games. 

4. I love to sit by windows and soak up natural light. 

5. I don’t like to be around people all the time. 

6. I enjoy all dairy products. 

7. Finally, if you mess with me, I will scratch your eyes out. 

Do you think we captured our personalities correctly? 


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