Can’t Get It Out Of My Mind

Last night, in my weird internet-ing, I found a picture on @MsEmilyMartin’s twitter. 

I’ve mentioned before that I love Emily Winfield Martin’s art that she sells on her etsy store, The Black Apple. But, I also love her blog, and I really enjoyed her twitter pics. 

This one, though, I couldn’t get out of my head. 

I’m sure you think I love it because it is a mess of vintage stuff. Yes, of course, I love all of the vintage stuff. The old books, the pretty illustrations, the banner—it’s all gorgeous. But, what I kept thinking about today was the fact that all of this stuff showed up in the mail from one of her friends. How cool is that? 

I want to be that kind of friend. I am all the time thinking about making care packages for people, but then, I get embarrassed and nervous. 

And, if I am being really honest, I want to receive packages like this in the mail. I can’t lie—if I received a big box full of vintage picture books, I would probably faint. 

I think one of my love languages is gift giving. I love thinking about crafts that I could make for people, and when I am at the antique stores, I always find things that I think should live with my friends. Do you think that means I should be a professional personal shopper? I would love that job. I would love spending other people’s money! Maybe I should be an interior designer. Then, maybe, I would live in real life and stop thinking about decorations and DIY projects all the time. 

So, please, people, if you have any decorating or art needs, please, talk to me about it. I can spray paint like a boss, and I have lots of art ideas bouncing around in my head. 

Now I am off to grade and watch a movie. I figure if I grade while watching television, it’s like I’m not really grading. I am so weird. 


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