Remember when I scavenged in my Dad’s school this summer? During one of our last sweeps through the building, I found a broken piece of molding just lying on the floor. Of course I grabbed it, but for the past two months, I haven’t been sure how to use it. 

I knew that I needed some new storage for my scarves, so I devised this storage device. 

Instead of taking a lot of time to fix the molding, I just left it as it was. I like all of the character that the age gives the wood. Danny and I spray painted cheap wooden knobs gold, and then I put my Anthropologie owl knob in the middle. I got that knob about 6 months ago, so it was high time I used it! The wooden knobs were only 87 cents at Lowe’s, so they were a great buy. 

It turned out great. Danny got to showcase some carpentry skills, so that was fun, and I found that I am one step closer to realizing my dream of going into business as an upcycler. 

I think I should win an Earth friendliness award for my efforts today. Captain Planet would be proud. 


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